Personal injury trial lawyers will say anything to keep john thrasher out of office

Don’t be fooled. Get the whole story!

The attacks are starting. Shadowy election groups are running smear web sites about Speaker John Thrasher’s career in the Legislature. These front groups are financed by special interest groups who are angry at Thrasher’s career as Speaker of the Florida House.

Find out more about John’s defense of Florida taxpayers, fiscal responsibility and bold leadership as Speaker alongside Governor Jeb Bush. Learn the facts about John’s history as a proven leader on cutting taxes and holding down state spending. Get the whole story about the real John Thrasher.


A proven tax-cutter

From 1998 to 2000, John Thrasher served as Speaker of the Florida House. Newly-elected Governor Jeb Bush counted on John to help him pass the largest tax cuts in state history. In 1999, John and Jeb worked together to pass a $1 billion tax cut for Florida families and small businesses, the largest tax cut ever passed in Florida.

In 2000, Bush and Thrasher came together again to pass a $578 million tax cut for small businesses and seniors, while passing a balanced budget at the end of the session.


Stopping wasteful spending

Governor Bush and John Thrasher teamed up to bring in a new era of fiscal responsibility in Tallahassee. While passing nearly $1.6 billion in tax cuts for Florida families, seniors and small businesses, Speaker Thrasher helped the Governor pass budgets that eliminated wasteful spending projects and held down spending growth to just 2.2 percent in 2000.

Not only that, but Thrasher and Bush worked to create a reserve fund of nearly $2.5 billion in 1999 and over $3 billion in 2000, the largest reserve funds in state history up to that point. Their commitment to fiscal restraint ensured Florida would not need to borrow against future Floridians’ prosperity to fund recovery efforts for hurricanes or other natural disasters.


Why attack John?

In 1998, John Thrasher was elected Speaker of the Florida House of Representatives. That same year, Jeb Bush was elected Governor of Florida, and the two joined forces to pass meaningful tort reform to prevent frivolous lawsuits that drive up health care costs in our state. Together they passed some of the toughest legal liability reform laws in the country.

Now that he’s running for the Florida Senate, special interests like liberal personal injury trial lawyers will stop at nothing to make sure he never gets back to Tallahassee. They’ve committed millions of dollars to attacking John’s character, mostly through shadow election committees with untraceable backgrounds and funding.

These powerful special interests will spare no expense to make sure anyone but John Thrasher gets elected to your state Senate seat. They have the money, but you know the truth about the real John Thrasher and why they’re so afraid of him serving in the State Senate!